TAILORBAZAR is not a representative of any tailor shop, any clothing brand or any merchant which are showcased & promoted within the website.

TAILORBAZAR is a digital marketplace where Tailors, merchants (Vendors) and Customers are being linked through an online platform and off-line logistics that provide the following:

  • Showcases products for Tailors and Merchants.

  • Offers Electronic Payment options.

  • Manages the logistics of a Measurement Visit to the Customer's location for tailored products in coordination with the Tailors requested by the Customers through the Orders.

  • Delivery of the ordered products to the Customers.


Summary of terms:

i. Consent:


a. By continuing to order, the Client and the Tailor/Merchant agree to reviewing and providing consent to the Disclaimer.


ii. Online Platform:


a. Tailors and Merchants must refer to their individual signed agreements with TAILORBAZAR for their respective requirements.


b. Tailors & Merchants are responsible for publishing their products with the product names, images & descriptions or work with the TAILORBAZAR team to keep them updated.

c. Customer will be provided a document acknowledging that, his/ her selection of Clothing Type, Material Type, Pattern, Color, additional accessorized items are accurate on documentation & also confirming the fabric sample provided on his/ her request.


d. In the event of any false or outdated information provided by the Tailor or Merchant, TAILORBAZAR is not liable for any damage caused by such actions to any party.


iii. Orders:

a. Customers who order tailoring products will be prompted to book an appointment for a visit to their convenience location or have the option to select old measurements if available from a previous order.

b. Well trained representative from the selected TAILOR, will be attending to the measurement visit with TAILORBAZAR’s coordination.

c. At any time TAILORBAZAR will not be held responsible for the measurement errors. Those will be the sole responsibility of the TAILOR.

d. Upon the submission of the order Tailor or Merchant will be advised with the basic order information.

e. Tailors or Merchants will be arranging the goods within the timeline as agreed with TAILORBAZAR.

f. Tailors must adhere to agreed standards for processing all Orders and coordinating any Customer visits accordingly.

iv. Delivery:

a. The Tailors or Merchants cannot approach any of the TAILORBAZAR Customers without obtaining written approval from TAILORBAZAR.


b. TAILORBAZAR will deliver the finalized garment to the Customer appointed location with advised alterations if there were any.

v. Disputes/Errors:

a. If Customer isn’t satisfied with the tailored garment, then TAILOR will be reassigned to do the alterations & fulfill the requirement accordingly without any additional charges with agreed minor changes only.

b. Customer will be charged accordingly with any major changes on his/ her requirement from the original order.

c. TAILORBAZAR will not be held responsible for any errors or defects on Tailor-made clothing.

d. Errors or defects on Customer’s original order has to be settled by TAILOR without any additional charges to Customer.

e. In any case of a situation which delivered product is not as per Customer’s original order & Customer not willing to finalize order delivery, Tailor or Merchant has to arrange the Refund in full back to the Customer.

f. TAILORBAZAR will assist both parties at its best ability to resolve the issue however will not be liable for any types of damages. If the issue remains unresolved for 30 days, TAILORBAZAR will refund the money to the Customer.

vi. Jurisdiction:

a. The articles of this Disclaimer fall under the Jurisdiction of the Commercial laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.